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   At HōMSTED, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and supplies to live a life that is made better through higher quality, simpler, locally sourced and hand crafted goods. We will offer a comprehensive selection of thoughtfully curated goods for your health, home, kitchen, and garden. Our apothecary selection will grow to include more tinctures, essential oils, bulk herbs, and ingredients for making your own products. We will carry a wonderful selection of natural and safe cleaning and body care products. Our home goods selection will include hand crafted pottery and ceramic goods, canning supplies, quality linens, decorations, cooking tools, fermentation supplies and so much more. Our pantry will carry locally sourced honeys, spices and canned goods. Our garden selection will carry growing kits, organic seeds, starter plants and hand-crafted tools. 

Empowerment through knowledge

 We will be offering numerous workshops and classes on a variety of subjects including foraging, distilling, gardening practices, DIY medicine making, skin care making, canning and preserving foods, beekeeping and so much more.  You can’t appreciate quality in a product if you don’t understand the product and there is no better way to understand a product than at least trying to create it yourself.  

Sustainable business practices

  Finally, we are renewing our efforts at sustainable business practices. We believe that you value sustainable practices, not only for yourself, but for everyone else. We reduce waste and avoid disposable goods to protect our environment, economy and community for those around us and those to come. As a result, you’ll see a drastic decrease in non-compostable, non-reusable, and non-recyclable packaging. You find responsible waste management practices employed and you’ll see an emphasis on products and artisans that favor such practices. We don’t do this because it is easy, or profitable, but because it is right.

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